The Banshee’s Embrace, Victoria Richards


The Plot:

Half banshee Jacqueline Huston is confused. With the Brotherhood of Merlyn looking for her, the specter of Death wanting her soul, and having to live with the knowledge that her wizard boyfriend’s son killed her husband, sometimes life feels a little chaotic. Then the Brotherhood kidnaps the love of her life, Toby Williams, in an attempt to convince her to join their crusade for power over other supernatural beings.

In this book, Jacqueline comes to grips with her enormous powers–capable of reaping any soul, a temptation she must avoid at all costs. But will she be able to control her immense powers, or will she use them and risk losing everything in order to save the one she loves?


My Review

After reading the plot, I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to start this one.

I wasn’t disappointed. The Banshee’s Embrace is a brilliant book with a really original plot. I like the characters, especially Toby and Matilda; they bring a real warmth and humor to the book.

Richards manages to build suspense beautifully, and her writing has a good pace. Action-packed, engaging dialogue and loads of twists in the plot, this book is so easy to read, a real pleasure. Also nice is the romance between Jacqueline and Toby, not too racy, but enough spice to add another angle into the plot.

My only criticism would be that the book ends far too quickly; it can be easily read in a few hours. And there is such a lot of information to take in that it becomes a little hard to process, well for me anyway.

However, I’m really looking forward to reading the next book in the series and this has put Victoria Richards firmly on my radar! I will certainly be looking for her other work in the future.


My Star Rating: 3.5/5


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